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I'm delighted you're here; what do you need for your project to be successful? I would be pleased to assist you with project planning, content writing, or resume writing. I'll see to it that your project is executed well. Excellence is the main thing for me!

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About Me

There is so much to share; I will start with the fact that I am an author, blogger, writer, and strategist. I am also a wife and mother of two beautiful children. I've enjoyed writing since my youth, from writing notes in my diary to passing notes to my friends in class (before cell phones, haha). Writing has helped me to express my feelings and remember my daily tasks.


After high school, I went to college for computer science; although information technology was a great interest, I still had my passion for writing. As a result, I've written various items during my career, from technical documents to resumes and cover letters.


It wasn't until 2015, when I started blogging, with years of journals I knew it was time. My first time writing a blog post, I was apprehensive and unsure of myself. Yet, I have learned that practice does make perfect. So now, I write for the "Manifested Sons" blog site and have published several books. 


I enjoy reading, traveling with family and friends, and meeting new people. In this journey, it's my goal to complete every project with excellence while bringing ease to the mind of my clients. I look forward to using my God-given talent to ensure your project has the proper attention to detail and clarity required. Be sure to subscribe for ongoing updates and learn more.


Tanicia P. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect. Please fill out the contact form to connect.

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